The following guidelines will cover our policy & claims process and will enable you to make informed and appropriate decisions concerning returns.

Please refer to the following text on what is deemed to be acceptable returns and carefully consider whether your product is acceptable prior to submitting the claim through to your dealer.  Within the warranty period, Triumph Motorcycles Ltd warrants the new Triumph garment to be free from any defect in materials used in the manufacturer, and/or workmanship at the time of manufacture.  Any part found to be defective during this period will be repaired or replaced at the discretion of Triumph Motorcycles.

Please be respectful to our Returns department and ensure the returned garments are in a clean condition, please note that only cleaned items can be handled. If the garment needs to be washed prior to inspection then costs will be need to be charged.

The warranty period is from the date of purchase by the original purchaser and is non-transferable.  Please retain a copy of your receipt as proof of purchase. 


Policy: Triumph offers an extended five-year warranty to those customers who register on-line (2 + 3 years) within 30 days of purchase, against defects in material or workmanship in its Gore-Tex® motorcycle jackets and motorcycle trousers. Acceptance of registrations after 30 days from purchase will be at the sole discretion of Triumph.

Customers who do not register on-line will only be able to obtain a 2 year warranty.

This warranty does not cover general wear and tear, the natural breakdown or change of colour and materials over extended time and use, modified garments, accident damage, misuse, incorrect storage or cleaning practices, excessive wear derived from product being used on a commercial basis

The warranty for all other Gore-Tex® products (e.g. gloves,) is 2 years.

Claim Process:  Please ensure you retain your receipt and your extended warranty online reference code.  Without proof of purchase the item can’t be returned

On the rare occasion that you may need to return your product, please check if the product falls within the acceptable return period.  Please return the product to the retailer of your original purchase along with your proof of purchase and extended warranty reference code.   If the return is approved by Triumph Motorcycles Ltd, the product will be repaired, replaced or refunded the original cost of the product.

No products should be sent directly to Gore.



  • General wear and tear
  • Abrasion of fabric
  • Scuffs and accidental damage
  • Torn or melted fabric or leather, often caused by accidental damage
  • Any product with evidence of improper repairs and alterations
  • Non waterproof garments with evidence of pin badges, patches attached
  • Leakage into non-waterproof pockets
  • Punctures in the membrane
  • Fabric or leather fading
  • Excessive wear
  • Improper care, cleaning or storage conditions

Test: Visually

-      What it looks like: As listed above , damage to the shell fabric or leather, excessive dirt and stains, tears, consumer ‘repairs’, faded fabric or colour change of leather, broken zippers, badges pulled off or missing stitches etc.

-       Note: Determination is subjective; age of the garment alone does not determine wear and tear, for example some riders may cover more mileage, more extreme weather conditions and more rigorous use in 1 week than another may do in 6 months.  Usually multiple items from the above list are noted.

Action: If the fault is deemed not to be covered by Triumph warranty it should be returned.


clothing warranty sample clothing-warranty clothing-warranty

  • Delamination of GORE-SEAM® Tape, not caused by misuse or deliberate damage
  • Delamination of GORE-TEX® laminate, not caused by tears or abuse
  • Non-waterproof through material fault not caused by wicking, abrasion or pin holes from badges or security tags or incorrect fastening of the garment
  • Broken components from new or not misused through general wear and tear
  • Marks or quality issues identified at new

clothing-warranty warranty-clothing clothing-warranty


If you are still unsure about the validity of a claim the HO Clothing team will be happy to hear from you and will answer any queries as swiftly as possible. However if the item being returned is assessed properly this should not be necessary,


This warranty shall be interpreted in accordance with English law and any question arising from this warranty shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

Any statement, condition, representation, description or warranty otherwise contained in any catalogue, advertisement or other publication shall not be construed as enlarging, varying or overriding anything contained herein. Triumph Motorcycles reserve the right to make alterations or improvements without notification to any model without obligation to do so to products already sold. This warranty does not affect your statutory rights.

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